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We offer T-shirt Screen Printing, Embroidery, Vinyl Signs, Banners, and Stickers, and Merchandise Printing. If you want to immortalize your brand, advertise your services, or promote your cause, investing in quality prints is money well-spent. We can help you materialize your vision into eye-popping prints that are sure to capture the crowd’s attention.

After a decade of servicing clients in this industry, our quality printed products have remained the preferred choice for many different businesses, musicians, and local organizations. Our team of graphic designers and print specialists make sure that each and every one of our clients are satisfied with their product. We pride ourselves in excellent customer service, and we’ll make sure you’ll enjoy your time working with us as well!
Looking to start your own T-shirt apparel business? Or you simply want to get some of your awesome custom designs on fabric? If it’s about printing high-quality tees, Anchorfish Printing has got you covered!

Sure, there are many emerging technologies in the printing industry. However, nothing can beat the efficiency and lasting results of traditional screen-printing methods! On top of keeping up with the latest technologies in the world of design and print, Anchorfish Printing has remained loyal to its roots – offering quality screen-printing services to people who value the creative results only this traditional method can make possible!

What Is Screen Printing (And Why Are We So In-love With It)?

With sticker and heat transfer printing machines becoming the “more popular choice” these days because of their convenient and fast processing time, many people still prefer traditional screen-printing techniques to embed their designs on T-shirts, jerseys, and other types of logo apparel.

Screen printing involves the transfer of ink to fabric by use of a fine screen. To effectively perform this ink transfer method, four things are required: A quality screen that can prevent ink bumps and blots resulting in a fine, smooth, and uniform print, a skillfully drawn and cut stencil that would become the basis for the design, high-grade paint that lasts long and looks vibrant, and a pair of skilled hands that know exactly what it’s doing after years of practice and on-the-job experience....

Screen printing is not just a process of transferring a design to a shirt or fabric. It is also a form of art that requires precision, practice, and discipline. It’s not something you learn how to do in a day! Yes, there are always easier ways to print a shirt – but nothing can beat the quality produced by the screen-printing method.

If you are planning to launch your own merch or release your own T-shirt brand, go for screen-printing. I assure you, your customers can tell and would love the difference in print quality?

We Do Embroidered Designs Too!

By now you probably get the idea that we just LOVE traditional methods of fabric design. The reason for which is because we value lasting quality more than anything. Our embroidered designs are made using only the best quality thread.

While handmade designs will always and forever have a special place in our hearts, we also appreciate how much easier life is with the help of technology! Our store has made good use of the latest technology to create better, faster, and more stellar embroidered designs!

When should you even opt for embroidered designs? Well, there are several occasions wherein embroidery can be a better choice than screen printing.

For one, you can use embroidery to embed your company’s official logo in uniforms. Since embroidered designs are made by stitching the thread directly to the fabric, it will not come off easily. This is great for uniforms and such as they are used frequently – daily even! While screen prints are durable and long-lasting, embroidered designs also add an air of sophistication and elegance to a garment, which makes it so great for official wear!

So, if you want to launch a completely new design for your company uniforms that features your logo, embroidery is a good option!

Do We Stop Here? Of Course Not!

Anchorfish Printing may specialize in Screen Printing and Embroidery but this doesn’t put a limit to the types of printing services we offer. We also offer Vinyl Printing – for banners, tarpaulins, signs, and announcements! We also create high-quality stickers that can be used on both cement and wood surfaces, plus we have specially made automobile stickers that can give your ride a little pizzaz!

Screen Printing, Embroidery, Vinyl and Sticker Printing – even refrigerator magnets! Whatever your designs needs may be, just name it and we’ll deliver!

Anchorfish Printing offers printing packages for retailers, wholesalers, and corporate businesses. If you need a design printed, just give us a holler and we will let you know how we can help you. Check out our service page to know more about the services we offer. Screen printing, Embroidery, Vinyl and Stickers, whatever it may be – we’ve got you covered here at Anchorfish Printing. Reach out to us today!
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