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Screen VS Sticker Printing – Which One Is Better

Company uniforms and T-shirts have always been a part of the branding of any company. People often overlook this aspect because they think that it is such a waste of funding for uniformly colored shirts for all employees. However, most people are often not aware that marketing does work both loudly and silently.

Having this kind of scheme for your employees is also practical. However, some are confused as to which kind of printing do they have to use for their clothing and gear. Two common ways emerge sticker or vinyl printing and screen printing. Both of them are effective in keeping the design on cloth. How should you choose?

Sticker or Vinyl Print

This is the older way of doing print for T-shirts and the like. The designs are cut individually, and they are going to be applied to the material one at a time. It is often on a vinyl strip, and this is heated in a process known as vinyl heat transfer. A heat press completes the process, and the design sticks once it cools down.

Sticker printing is great for companies that are only looking to have a few sets of shirts and uniforms at a time. For example, you might just be a small firm and it can be difficult to find a print shop that does the other type on a few items. It is still washable, but the design can fade over time.

Screen Printing

On the other hand, this technique uses stencils as a way to design the logo or anything that you want on a piece of clothing. Each of these stencils is unique, and the ink passes through it to create the pattern on the cloth.

One of the best things about this technique is the level of detail. You can potentially make anything because of the use of stencils. Even the smaller and finer points of your design will easily come through and stick itself onto the shirt. It might take time before it dries off, but the outcome should always be impeccable and true to the original design in the stencil.

Choosing the Best Option

As we have mentioned before, stickers are great if you want to have an immediate outcome and fewer items. It is also great for those temporary uniforms that are just going to be used once in a year or a one-time event. After a couple of washes, the print might fade away so you need to be careful while washing it.

Meanwhile, screen printing is great for bulk as a stencil can just be made once and it can be used again and again. The print is also long-lasting so it is great for uniforms that are going to be worn every day. It is also great if you want to have a brighter and more vibrant color as you have more options for this. However, you need to find a good local print shop that can help you with your printing needs.