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4 Tips To Design Your Company’s T-shirt Logo

Companies have been in the long tradition of having a company shirt. It is almost something that no one could escape in every industry. Some say that you cannot even call yourself a respectable business without having a shirt. This might seem like an overstretch, but it makes sense in context. You cannot just be a business without something that can represent you.

One of the good things about a T-shirt is its practical use. Many offices these days have become more accepting of it along with the collared ones. The most important thing about it is the logo or the symbol of your company. It should have the imprint of your company on it. However, how can you make a great logo that is going to be great on your company shirt?

What You Need To Do

  1. Find A Good Designer

This seems like a no-brainer, but many organizations make their logo in-house. They think that it is a practical choice since finding a great designer can be expensive. Unfortunately, they fall through a lot of pitfalls because it is not easy to do. you can’t just choose a random image; it must represent the business as a whole.

It is important to have someone that can envision what you have in mind without being too overbearing. Most people who do not have a background in this kind of design just adds everything that they can think of. There is nuance involved in logo-making, so letting a professional do it is a plus.

  1. Keep Your Vision-Mission In Mind

Another thing that you need to keep in mind is your mission and vision. This will dictate the overall design. Hiring a professional would not matter if they don’t even have an idea of what your company is all about.

Mission-visions might sound overrated, but there is a reason why most startups and small business owners still have it. Think of it as a manifesto, a creed of agreement between the people in the organization. If it is represented well, it can make it easy for both old and new employees to interact with the logo as they can understand it easily.

  1. Choose Brighter Colors

This is optional as it depends on your brand. However, research does suggest that people see brighter colors easily. For example, blue and black can be aesthetically pleasing but it can lose on visibility. There is a reason why bigger companies would usually choose bold and daring colors like red and yellow to improve visibility. As said before though, this would depend on your original branding and even the industry that you are in.

  1. Always Think Of Practicality VS Necessity

There are so many things that you can put on the logo. However, you need to ask yourself if they are necessary. Most importantly, think about how easily it can be incorporated into the design. Not everything needs to be put in that small logo, and you need to recognize the limitations.


The making of a logo is important since it is going to represent your company. This is why it is also important to hire a printing press that can make it possible for your company. Whether it is going to be embroidered or printed is up to the final design.