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In-House v. Outsourced Printing: Explained!

In-House v. Outsourced Printing: Explained!

When choosing a screen-printing shop, you have a lot of options. Many screen-printing shops claim to be “local”…but when you show up at the shop, there’s nothing there! That is because many of these companies outsource their printing. They send your garments to a bigger print shop to get your work done.

That might work for some screen-printing shops…but where is the fun in sending out your work?! Plus, there is no way to control quality and mistakes when the printing is out of your hands. We are proud to be a full-scale, in-house production facility and warehouse. Your garments come directly to us, we print them in-house, and ship them ourselves. We know you’ll be taking care of because we’re involved in every step. 

Not only is the quality of in-house screen printing better, but it is less costly for you! We don’t have to pay for shipping or other printing fees. Our costs are straightforward because our production is straightforward!

Stop by our shop and check us out! You’ll see our presses at work, our embroidery machine whizzing, and our DTF machine buzzing. 

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